Countries Where It Is Hardest And Easiest To Buy iPhone 15 Pro

The countries where it is most difficult and easiest to buy a 128 GB iPhone 15 Pro were investigated. Unfortunately, Türkiye came last among dozens of countries. Our competitors were countries such as India and Brazil…

US-based technology giant Apple announced last week iPhone 15 seriesis the number one agenda of the sector. The phones, which fascinate with their features, managed to attract attention with the fact that there was no price increase. However, owning an iPhone 15 Pro It is not the same difficulty for everyone.

Picodi, which offers coupons and refunds for online purchases and also conducts market research, has launched the iPhone 15 Pro with 128 GB capacity. by country researched their purchasing power. made research, revealed which countries individuals need to work harder to buy an iPhone 15 Pro. The shared data reveals that, unfortunately, the situation in Turkey is not encouraging. Because Turkey is among dozens of countries came last

First of all: How was this research done?

Picodi researchers got the price of the smartphone by converting each country’s local currency. Then, through the official data providers of the countries. average daily salary detected. If the average price in a country is not officially announced, this time Numbeo, the world’s most well-known cost of living database, was looked at. All these revealed how much a 128 GB iPhone 15 Pro is sold for in a country and what the average salary is in that country. between two data ratioIt revealed how many days an individual had to work to buy an iPhone 15 Pro.

Let’s get to the data: The 5 countries where it is easiest to buy iPhone 15 Pro:

Countries where it is easiest to buy iPhone 15 Pro

As you can see in the table above, the country that is luckiest in purchasing the iPhone 15 Pro Switzerland. An individual in Switzerland can own a 2023 model iPhone by working for only 4.2 days. Those who want to buy iPhone 15 Pro in the USA, Australia, Luxembourg and Singapore their job is easy among countries.

Statistics where Turkey is at the top: The 5 countries where it is most difficult to buy an iPhone 15 Pro:

Countries where it is most difficult to buy iPhone 15 pro

Starting price of iPhone 15 Pro in Türkiye 64.999 TL It was announced as. When this figure is compared with Numbeo data, it is seen that an individual working with an average salary for 123.7 days It reveals that he has to work without eating or drinking. Turkey’s closest rival is the Philippines with 79.5 days. It is not easy to buy an iPhone 15 Pro in places such as Brazil, India and Vietnam, but among all these countries, individuals the most challenging countryunfortunately Türkiye…

You can watch our iPhone 15 review video below:

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