Correspondence of Fake Diploma Scammers

SPECIAL NEWS – As you know, people who practiced medicine for months and years with fake diplomas were identified and action was taken against them. So, how can they do a job they don’t know for a long time without being understood?

Being a doctor is perhaps one of the most difficult professions in the world. At the medical school you entered as a result of hard work from a 6-year education you are passing. It doesn’t end there, on top of that, you get 4 years of specialization training. And then someone comes and sits in the seat you should be, gets the salary you should get, and does your job without any knowledge…

Besides have operated on you or a loved one they might even be. Unfortunately, these creepy thoughts have become reality. So how does this whole process begin? How do they get these diplomas?

There are sites that sell diplomas, Facebook groups and even so-called ‘advisory’ systems.

When we browse the internet a bit, we come across many websites set up to sell fake diplomas. Although some of these sites are used only for the sale of diplomas, ‘so-called’ including consultancy There are also those who say that they provide services in many areas. In fact, it is possible to see many groups opened for the same purpose on Facebook.

Some of the sites claiming to sell diplomas have terrifying details.

fake diploma doctor

As you have seen above; these people, fake diplomas can be viewed via e-GovernmentThey claim that you are even registered in the school’s system where you are pretending to have graduated. In other words, after you get this diploma, you can even enter KPSS and You can use your diploma anywhere. they claim.

We also reached out to some of these people. The price for a diploma varies between 9-25 thousand TL. So our life is so cheap…

fake diploma doctor

fake diploma doctor

fake diploma doctor

We reached many people selling fake diplomas via WhatsApp. Prices for diplomas may vary. Diplomas of business and engineering faculties are generally 9-15 thousand TL varies between However, when it comes to medical school, the price increases and Prices starting from 25 thousand TL and up to 100 thousand TL is offered for sale. Of course, you are almost certain to be scammed.

We have also encountered such situations…

fake diploma doctor

There are even those who go a step further and sell fake IDs and driver’s licenses.

fake identity

Many of these numbers are foreign numbers such as Vietnam and France. Of course there is a reason for that too.

fake diploma doctor

Lawyer Batuhan Kaplan, who has been providing consultancy services for the protection of personal data for a long time, states that many of these numbers are detected and listened to by the state. However, if these numbers originate from abroad, the phones will be sent from Turkey. following and listening it gets much more difficult.

Of course, it is also possible to use international lines from Turkey. However, many of the people we spoke to documents will be prepared abroad and shipped to Turkey. states.

If you think that you can pay 10-20 thousand TL and get a diploma, you are wrong.

fake diploma

fake diploma

complains fake diploma

Numerous people continue to express their grievances on this issue through the complaint. Of course, these people are victims. It may have saved other people’s lives as well. although “I was going to show my moms / I’m already an engineer” Although we see sentences like these, remember that your mother and father will not like you less or more because you have a diploma. Sometimes the effort you put in on that path is much more important than the way you arrive.

On the other hand, the majority of those who want to have fake diplomas cannot reach anyone after sending the money. their phones are blocked. It is very difficult to reach these people who have a foreign number, as we have just mentioned. In other words, while you want to have a diploma by giving thousands of liras, you can save both your money and time.

…And that’s a big crime. So you could be jailed for years.

quack doctor

Again Atty. According to the information we received from Batuhan Kaplan; printing, selling or buying fake diplomas ‘forgery of official documents’ he’s guilty. Moreover, it is not considered as a simple forgery, but as a ‘qualified forgery’. Indeed, the accusations do not end there.

As we have seen recently, in cases of fake doctors, the fact that people have undergone surgery, writing prescriptions, examining patients and providing education can also be brought before them as separate charges. So as a result these people Imprisonment starting from 3-8 years can be sentenced.

So what do doctors think about this? How can they tell if their colleagues are doctors with fake diplomas?

quack doctor

Some of the doctors we consulted stated that they were quite surprised by this issue. In our country cases of violence in health Due to the increase in doctors, a person’s Why is your fake career choice being a doctor? voices their question.

At the same time, fake doctors who do this must be making mistakes during treatments or examinations quite possible too. Persons who have never been trained in this profession and who have professional experience for the first time by a real doctor It should be easily recognizable.

OK, what can we do?

fake diploma

Many fake diplomas can be easily distinguished from the original even when viewed with the naked eye. However, of course, people who have turned this job into a profession do not have their diplomas. down to the smallest detail they can make it almost like the original. In such cases also people with document expertise It’s hard to tell if it’s real or not.

On the other hand, many institutions or organizations can process documents such as diplomas without questioning and examining them sufficiently. For this reason, primarily the management of the institution, the unit responsible follow-up of personnel with great care and they need to be much more careful in recruiting new staff.


How much do people who collect followers with fake accounts of celebrities and then sell them earn from an account?

Doing a job with a paid diploma without any training can have dire consequences. Moreover, when it is a profession like being a doctor, it is inevitable that you play with people’s health. Any profession you buy with money will not make you happy as a result. Of course, we did not like such a thing from the people we spoke with because it was not legal. We didn’t get a diploma. Because we should all be much more careful about such situations.


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