Corporates Flood to Stock Exchanges to Move Ethereum: 50 Million Dollars Transferred!

Corporate whales, who want to profit from the rising wave in the cryptocurrency market, transferred tens of millions of dollars worth of Ethereum (ETH) to exchanges.

Institutional investors, who have been prominent with their cryptocurrency purchases for weeks, this time by transferring to stock exchanges An unexpected sell signal gave. on-chain Transferred by analysis platform Lookonchain to data According to the first movers, the giant market maker cumlerland and Hong Kong-based digital asset platform Amber Group happened.

Cumberland according to data 27 November day cryptocurrency exchanges coinbase And to Gemini $18.16 million worth 9,000 ETH sent. However, in Amerde to Binance $20.18 million worth 10,000 ETH transferred. These transfers were interpreted as a pre-sale preparation process.

On the other hand, bankruptcy case is ongoing Celsius front 28 November corporate company by taking action on the day FalconX via cryptocurrency exchange Binance $10.12 million worth 5,000 ETH quoted. Celsius sent a similar amount of ETH to the exchanges two weeks ago. repay creditors It is thought that he sold crypto money to make money.

According to CoinGecko data, in the last 24 hours 2% decrease living ETH, at the time of writing from $2,011 is being traded.

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