Corona in Hessen: Away from the incidence, 2G as an option | Regional

Wiesbaden – Away from the number of infections, towards orientation towards really severe corona courses. In Hesse, the so-called incidence will no longer apply from Thursday, but above all the occupancy of hospitals and intensive care beds.

It also means that contact tracking no longer applies everywhere. The 2G option plays an important role here: With this model, vaccinated and convalescent people are exempt from distance rules and mask requirements at events and, for example, in the catering trade.

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This should not only provide relief for customers, but of course also enable the organizers to finally get back to regular business. This also eliminates capacity restrictions. Of course, the employees must also be vaccinated or recovered.

However, those who refuse to vaccinate look into the tube with the 2G model. They are then denied access.

The 2G regulation does not apply to children under the age of 12, as they cannot be vaccinated at the moment.

Otherwise these rules apply:

► It is mandatory to wear a mask indoors and in the event of a crowd outside.

► No restrictions for private events – up to 25 people.

► Face-to-face teaching in schools. Basically no mask at the seat. Exception: In the event of a coronavirus, a mask must be worn for 14 days in class.

► Regular operation in daycare centers.

► No restrictions in outdoor sports. Inside: 3G.

► Cultural sites: open air without restrictions, indoor 3G.

► Events from 25 people: 3G and mask compulsory up to the place inside. Outside from 1000 people 3G. Authorization required for 500 people or more indoors. Outside from 1000. 3G only at indoor folk festivals. Major sporting events – such as Eintracht: Max. 25,000 spectators, including vaccinated and recovered people.

► Body-hugging services: 3G and mask.

► Retail: No restrictions except for a mask requirement.

► Clubs / discos: mask compulsory. Only vaccinated, convalescent and PCR-tested people are allowed in. Open Air: 3G and contact data collection.

► Hotels: Evidence of negative proof upon arrival. Twice a week if the stay exceeds seven days.

► Public transport: Mask in vehicles and train stations.

► Universities: Mostly attendance semesters. 3G and mask requirement stipulated by universities.

► Sexual services: 3G, hygiene requirements, recording of contact data.

If hospital and intensive care bed occupancy increases, the measures will be tightened.