Coinbase Partners with Mastercard to Facilitate NFT Purchase

Coinbase announced on its official blog page that they made an agreement to sell NFT via Mastercard.

Saying that their mission is to increase economic freedom in the world, Coinbase said that NFTs are the means of many people. to make a profit although NFT purchases are still complicated stated that.

Aiming to simplify this business to enable more people to enter the NFT industry, Coinbase:

We want to enable NFTs, just as we enable millions of people to have easy and reliable access to Bitcoin for the first time.


Coinbase, announcing that they will work with Mastercard to classify NFTs as “digital goods”, larger audiences He said they would allow him to buy NFT and soon Payment can be made using Mastercard reported.

Coinbase was launched last year to make it easier to mint, buy, and display NFTs. Coinbase NFT had announced.

Thanks to Mastercard’s global network, make NFT purchases as easy as possible. they want to facilitate He also added to his comments.

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