Clubhouse will support live subtitles in Turkish

Voice chat application Clubhouse is coming up with new features to regain its old popularity. In this sense, the application has announced a new feature that makes Turkish users happy. According to this clubhouse, for iOS users Turkish including live captioning will have support.

Clubhouse ramps up competition: Replay button is here!

With its new feature, Clubhouse has enabled content producers to record their live broadcasts and broadcast them as podcasts.

Clubhouse Turkish support and new live caption feature

Live caption feature, Twitter Spaces competitors such as Clubhouse, on the other hand, will be accessible especially for the hearing impaired. emerging Clubhouse live captioning feature, currently only available for iOS users. However, it is expected that this subtitle feature will be available for Android users in the near future.

Live caption feature It is currently supported for 13 languages. Turkish support of Turkish users again clubhouse important in terms of getting it back into practice.

According to this Clubhouse live captioning support languages ​​that offer English, Cantonese, Mandarin Chinese, Yue Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Turkish shaped. In the brief statement made by Clubhouse, there is no information about whether the feature translates or not.

However, according to preliminary information, Clubhouse live captioning app also translates between languages. A Spanish user commented that the subtitle works perfectly for Spanish, but not at all for Spanish to English. A Clubhouse software engineer responded to this comment.

A Spanish user responded to Clubhouse’s caption feature announcement

The engineer, who asked the user for a screenshot, explained that the problem may also be cross-language detection. Judging by this explanation Clubhouse live captioning feature translation is still in the testing phase.

Clubhouse appeared at the beginning of last year and brought voice chat rooms into our lives in a short time. For a long time, only iOS world-specific application also invitation was working with. Accordingly, each member who managed to register for the application had the right to send two invitations. The application, which also came to Android in May, gave up the invitation system after a while.

app from the invitation system It was a little late for him to give up and open up to the Android world. At that time Twitter Spaces already own Android users to chat rooms managed to pull it off. After almost a year, voice chat rooms have remained far from their former popularity.

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