Clarification on Cloudflare Outage from Binance and FTX: Access Issue to Cryptocurrency Exchanges

The problem experienced in Cloudflare, one of the world’s leading server service providers, affected many popular platforms as well as cryptocurrency exchanges.

cloudflare an interruption in the connection on the network of many popular websites and cryptocurrency exchange affected.

cloudflareupon reporting the outage “Users may experience some errors or timeouts when accessing Cloudflare’s network or services.” CTO of Cloudflare at the time of the announcement John Graham-Cumming in his statement the problem is not worldwide however seen in many regions.said that they are aware of the problem and also know the cause.

During the news when will the problem be solved related to There is no information available.

Cryptocurrency exchange FTX The following statements were made in the statement about the cut:

Cloudflare is experiencing an outage and thus users are having trouble accessing FTX and many other sites.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ)a user under the post he posted to the affected cryptocurrency exchanges. “Why are all exchanges closed except Binance?” He gave the following answer to the question:

Welcome to centralization. We have a backup setup for one of the services others rely on. Lucky.

After sharing, the backup installation didn’t work perfectly and CoinMarketCap’indicating that the affected CZby posting a new post shortly after CoinMarketCap‘of has been completely restored announced.

As CZ stated, there were access problems in the morning hours. CoinMarketCapIt can be accessed again at the time of writing the news.

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