Circle CEO Reveals Why USDC Drop: USA Is All To Blame!

Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire said that the USDC’s market cap, which fell close to 50%, was due to the US’s repressive attitude towards the crypto sector.

stablecoin issuer of the circle CEO Jeremy Allaire In a recent interview with Bloomberg, USDC market value decline Against the US crypto industry from his oppressive attitude stated that it was due. USDC, 2022 in the year $56 billion from the top 30 billion dollars much regressing market value 46% of lost.

Allaire, global investors to the banking sector about regulatory attitude largely on have a concern expressed. With Circle’s USA close ties allegedly caused users to associate USDC with risks originating from the USA.

Soon Silvergate, Silicon Valley And Signature After the bankruptcy of crypto-friendly banks such as aggression operating in the country crypto companies turned over.

Especially of the circle bankrupt cryptocurrency friend at Silicon Valley Bank 3.3 billion dollar assets to say on USDC depeg that users reinforces his concerns specified.

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