China’s Meizu enters the auto industry

Chinese smartphone brand Meizuis preparing to manufacture its own electric car. The technology company, which was recently acquired by Geely, has applied for a commercial patent for an automobile brand. Alright Meizu electric car What is the information about?

Electric car coming from Meizu?

geely Acquired by Meizu in 2022, it steps into the automobile industry. According to recent reports, the company is classified as an international means of transportation.Wujie Automobileapplied for the registration of the trademark named ”. This led to claims that Meizu would produce its own electric vehicle.

Chinese company; started the recruitment process for positions such as vehicle system product manager, smart console project manager. These purchases are thought to have been made for the Wujie Automobile brand. Meizu also recruits various professional groups in the auto industry, including trainer, marketer and sales planner.

Xiaomi's electric car appeared!  Here are the images

Xiaomi’s electric car appeared! Here are the images

Xiaomi MS11 design appeared. Xiaomi’s first electric car is intriguing with its design and remarkable price.

The statement from Meizu on the allegations was not delayed. Saying that it has recruited talented people in the Chinese auto industry, the manufacturer has confirmed that it intends to open 1,000 stores that will sell smartphones and cars in the next three years.

According to the statement, these tools are FlymeAuto car system will be equipped with With the rise of smart vehicles and the integration of technology into the automotive industry, Meizu is also expected to make a significant impact in the market.

We know that Xiaomi has been working on electric cars for a while. Xiaomi MS11 The design and price of the first electric car, which will come with its name, draws attention. The MS11 is expected to be a stylish sedan with a sporty four-door design, full-height glass roof and large wheels.

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