Chancellor Scholz asks questions about Leopard 2 delivery in the Bundestag

Spain also ready to supply main battle tanks to Ukraine

Following the German government’s decision, Spain also agreed to supply Leopard tanks to Ukraine. “Spain is ready to discuss anything necessary with its allies as part of coordination,” Defense Minister Margarita Robles told journalists in Madrid on Wednesday. One can deliver Leopard main battle tanks and also help with the training of the Ukrainians and with maintenance. Robles did not name a number of tanks that Madrid could deliver.

Spain has 108 Leopard 2A4 tanks purchased from Germany and 239 Type 2E vehicles. The latter are a modified version based on the 2A6, largely manufactured in Spain for Spanish needs. There are 219 Leopard 2E tanks, 16 2ER armored recovery vehicles and four 2E Escuela training tanks.

According to media reports, the left-wing government in Spain had already agreed in principle in June last year to hand over around 40 of these tanks to Kyiv after they had been repaired. However, Minister Robles later announced that the tanks were in such poor condition that they could not be delivered.

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