Chainlink (LINK) Rises 10 Percent with This News: Now on Coinbase’s Base Network!

Chainlink (LINK) has made its CCIP protocol available on Coinbase’s layer-2 (L-2) blockchain, Base.

Chainlink is on Base, launched by Coinbase Interoperable Cross-chain Protocol (CCIP) started it. This step is for Base developers. Opportunity to work with multiple blockchainson these blockchains Ability to send tokens and messages It will offer a number of opportunities such as.

Making a statement about the development, Chainlink Labs Chief Operating Officer Johann EidIncreasing cooperation between Base and Chainlik Great opportunities for wider audiences He stated that he would present:

Base’s scalability and technological creativity as a Layer 2 solution, combined with the growing number of Chainlink services, represents a huge opportunity for developers looking to build the next generation of cross-chain applications and services.

The CCIP protocol aims to facilitate money transfers between blockchains and cross-chain transactions for developers. CCIP however Opportunity for banks to produce their own blockchains While recognizing these chains connecting to public blockchains It allows. CCIP also by Chainlink’s oracle networks is also supported.

However, although the integration has only been achieved recently, it is already Raft, Nuon, folk Finance And polychain monsters Projects like Chainlink to CCIP integrated was done.

Head of Protocol at Coinbase, who led the Base launch Jesse PollakCCIP activated in the Base network the advantages it will bring he said:

We are excited about this integration, which will allow developers to securely create cross-chain applications and open up more new use cases.

According to CoinGecko data, LINK price with the development $7.25 from levels for $7.82 reached up to 8% increase. LINK at the time of writing from $7.53 is being traded.

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