CEO Announces Problem in Solana (SOL) Network, Problem Solved!

Solana (SOL), which is worth close to $ 50 billion, was completely stopped for more than 10 hours, and no one could trade in the meantime.

Having such a problem with Solana, which stands out with its incredible speed and ability to process thousands of transactions per second, it literally caused an earthquake in the crypto money industry.

Why Did the Solana Network Stop?

The problem with the Solana network has been resolved, but now many people are wondering how something like this happened.

Solana CEO Anatoly Yakovenko said in a statement on the subject that this is actually directly caused by bots on the Raydium platform.

Anatoly stressed that bots that want to participate in IDOs (pre-sales) on Raydium overload the network to capture and buy tokens on their first market entry.

Although the capacity of the Solana network is much higher than networks such as Ethereum or AvalancheX, the continuous processing of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of transactions by bots has clogged the network and caused critical messaging on the network to fail.

In the Solana network, messages are also sent as a transaction, so when the network was clogged, important messages could not be sent and the network stopped.

Solana developers saw fit to restart the network, and the network was restarted. Although the network is starting to return to its original state for now, it is quite normal for investors to remain worried, especially after such a situation.

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