Cardano Inventor Cried This Altcoin Community: Conspirators!

Charles Hoskinson accused the XRP community of having a conspiracy theory against Ethereum’s Joseph Lubin. According to Hoskinson, many XRP supporters believe Lubin bribed the SEC to go after XRP. Among the allegations is that the Cardano inventor helped trivialize and cover up Lubin’s corruption.

Charles Hoskinson: XRP community members are conspirators!

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson says several XRP community members have started a conspiracy theory campaign against Ethereum Co-Founder Joseph Lubin. According to Hoskinson, many XRP supporters believe Lubin bribed the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to go after XRP in an attempt to eliminate competition from Ethereum. In this context, Hoskinson makes the following statement:

I could have been more precise with my words during a sidelined interview. But since we are intellectually honest, let’s be very clear. Many XRPians believe that Joe bribed the SEC to go after XRP so that Ethereum could rise. I think like this. The fact that they do not let go of the “great conspiracy” is not an ambiguity on my part, but rather their confusion of the two. If someone is unclear at this stage, then they are either being deliberately naive or stupid.

Is Cardano inventor trivializing the Lubin issue?

Hoskinson responded to Mr. Huber, a well-known XRP supporter, and other XRP community members. In this regard, he made the final statement through a post on his X account. Huber and his group accuse Hoskinson of doing anything to publicly embarrass the XRP community. Because, they note, Lubin has repeatedly made statements about the lack of evidence regarding his alleged bribery of the SEC.

Huber describes himself as “a sleuth searching for the truth.” He also accuses Hoskinson of helping to trivialize and cover up Lubin’s corruption, believing that bringing clarity to Cardano was a constructive approach. In response, the Cardano inventor tells Huber that he is confusing things and cannot distinguish between the “free pass” argument and allegations that ConsenSys bribed the SEC to go after XRP.

Show evidence for this!”

Cardano founder demands evidence from those accusing Lubin of bribing the SEC. Until that happens, he notes, the allegations will be a conspiracy. He also insists this would amount to libel. Hoskinson also says that the arguments that Lubin is trying to crash XRP and that he is ‘negotiating’ for a free pass for Ethereum are both different. He also notes that members of the XRP community should not treat it the same way.

cryptokoin.comAs you follow from , the inventor of Cardano shared a video from last October. In this video, he revealed his thoughts on the XRP case. In the video, Hoskinson outlines what he describes as “the basics.” Along these lines, he says he is opposed to people using relationships to improperly influence government policy.

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