Can We Prove Whether We Live in a Simulation?

German physicist Melvin Vopson claimed that he could prove whether humanity lived in a simulation, based on his theory that he put forward in 2019. In fact, Vopson has already started collecting donations for his experiment.

Since the ancient Mayan and Aztec civilizations, humanity has whether it’s real he is questioning. At that time he claimed that the world was in a picture. Later, this questionAre we living in a simulation?” has evolved into the question.

German physicist Melvin Vopson recently discovered whether humanity is living in a simulation. able to prove He announced that he was going to do an experiment. Vopson has even begun to raise the money needed for this experiment with donations.

So how will he prove it?

Vopson put forward in 2019 and Based on Einstein’s general theory of relativity In his theory, he suggested that every piece of information in the universe is finite and measurable. According to this theory there was also a mass of knowledge and with the necessary technology this mass could be calculated. The famous physicist also stated that he wanted to calculate this mass and examine the pieces of information that are not normally accessible by “obtaining” them in this way. claims to prove whether the universe is a simulation.

Claiming that even electrons store information and that all objects exist because of these pieces of information, Vopson likens these pieces of information to bits in computer programs. By obtaining and combining these pieces of information in theory physicist who believes he can solve the mystery of the universeHe also states that he could not prove this theory due to insufficient technology, but he could prove it in the near future and thanks to future donations.

Let’s explain once again with examples.

Vopson’s theory is indeed quite complex and can become unintelligible after a point. If you want, let’s explain it through a simulation example. Let’s say we do indeed live in a simulation. Then, according to this logic, everything around us, including ourselves, is actually just like in the movie The Matrix. a chunk of code. According to Vopson’s theory, these pieces of code have a certain weight, and if we measure accurately enough we can detect these codes. Claiming that we can access these codes when the right conditions are met, Vopson said, “Just like in computer programs, “reverse engineering” by learning the content of these codes claims that we can manipulate the program however we want.

Afterwards, all we have to do is rewrite the simulation as we want. Similar to cheating in GTA claiming that humanity can change the world According to Vopson, all of this will soon become true.


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Of course, Melvin Vopson’s theory has yet to be proven and even the scientific world is a little skeptical of this theory. We need to specify. However, he is quite sure of the correctness of his theory and with the necessary technology claims to be able to prove it. Do you think we are really living in a simulation?

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