Cambridge Revealed to Play a Role in the Slavery Trade

Research conducted by Cambridge University revealed that the university played an active role in the slavery trade. The management announced that it will sign new applications due to mistakes in its past.

One of the oldest universities in the world Cambridge Universitycame up with a striking research today. A team formed by the university’s vice-chancellor Stephen Toope investigated the university’s history of slavery and came up with a controversial conclusion.

Created to examine the university’s own history,Slavery Heritage Advisory Group” team concluded that the university had never worked slaves throughout its history. But even though the university never owned a ‘slave’, it turned out that it received funding from institutions and individuals who were involved in the slave trade in the past.

Cambridge played a role in facilitating the slave trade:

According to the information shared by the team in their report called ‘The Legacy of Slavery’, Cambridge’s colleges had close relations with the East India Company. With this Royal African Company also had ties to Cambridge. Both of these companies were known to be active in the slave trade.

Although the university received donations from these two companies, another company operating in the slave trade, ‘He also made direct investments in the South Sea Company. According to the report shared by the university, these commercial activities helped facilitate the slave trade and provided many financial benefits to the university.

Cambridge will take action on its own past mistakes:

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With this report, the university also announced that it will take action to make up for the mistakes in its past. Accordingly, Cambridge establish a center to study slaverywill strengthen its existing relationships with universities in Caribbean and West African countries.

It is also offered to black students who are British citizens and students from African and Caribbean countries. The number of postgraduate scholarships will be increased. An artwork symbolizing the achievements and contributions of black academics will also be commissioned.

The university, on the other hand, is the commemoration of Tobias Russtat, who invested in the Royal African Company of the Faculty of Christ. refused his application to remove the statue.


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