Calls tab is coming to WhatsApp desktop

WhatsApp has been offering the desktop version to its users for a long time. However, not all mobile features are available in the desktop version. This situation causes the increasing number of WhatsApp desktop users to experience insufficient experience while using the application. To mitigate this, the firm is bringing the Calls tab for WhatsApp desktop. So what is this innovation that is in the testing phase? Let’s take a look at the details of the news together.

Call history will appear for your WhatsApp desktop!

There is a feature to make calls in the desktop version of WhatsApp for Windows. However, the desktop version does not include the call history of WhatsApp users. This prevents previous searches from appearing and making a shortcut call to someone.

Calls tab for WhatsApp desktop

The company has introduced a new method for WhatsApp call history to appear on the desktop version. Calls Adds tab. WhatsApp Calls for desktop Thanks to the tab, previous conversations will appear. Calls will be in the middle of the Chats and Status tab in the app’s sidebar.

WhatsApp will message you when the new feature arrives!

WhatsApp will message you when the new feature arrives!

Popular instant messaging platform WhatsApp is working on a new feature. The platform will message you when the new feature is available.

The new feature started appearing in the desktop beta with version 2.2246.0. However, due to the fact that the feature is still in the testing phase, the information on the mobile is not synchronized on the desktop version. Likewise, searches made from desktop may not appear on mobile. WABetaInfo states that this issue will be fixed by the company releasing a new update in the future.

The Calls tab for WhatsApp desktop is currently in testing. It is unclear for now when the innovation will come to the stable version.

In addition, WhatsApp has also started testing another innovation in the privacy field for the desktop version. The new feature appears as a screen lock. In this way, WhatsApp Web users will be able to set a password to access the application and a more secure use will be provided. Otherwise, once the account logged in via the desktop is not closed, it remains open all the time.

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