“Buy Bitcoin with 55 Percent Discount!” CoinEx Brand Day Event Ended with Great Interest!

CoinEx, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, announced that the ‘Brand Day Event’ it organized in March with the slogan “Bitcoin is Halving Early, Buy BTC with a 50% Discount” has officially concluded.

According to official data, more than 4,000 eligible users participated in the ‘Brand Day Dibs Event’ and a total of 2,000 users got the opportunity to buy Bitcoin at a discount. With the event ending on March 26, 2024, users were able to purchase BTC on CoinEx at a discounted price of 32,140,745 USDT, while the market price of BTC at that time was 70,539.34 USDT. This means a real discount of more than 55% for users participating in CoinEx’s ‘Ahead of Plan BTC Halving Event’.

It shows CoinEx users enjoying unique benefits such as purchasing BTC at over 50% off during the ‘Brand Day Event’ and truly experiencing the platform’s ‘Early BTC Halving Celebration’. CoinEx’s March Brand Day was largely a success thanks to unique benefits, impressive offline community events and intense user engagement. In addition to helping users invest in low-cost BTC in the bull market, this event deepened their understanding of CoinEx’s different products and services, further strengthening the brand’s identity in the minds of users.

Low Cost BTC Investment and Opportunities in the Bull Market

As the Bitcoin Halving date approaches and the crypto market is subject to constant price movements at certain intervals, it has become very important for investors to capture new opportunities in the bull market. Low-cost investing means using less capital for effective investing; During a bull market, even small investments can yield relatively high returns as prices of crypto assets often rise. Therefore, low-cost investing in crypto assets can help investors expand their portfolios with limited capital and improve capital efficiency.

The highlight of the ‘CoinEx Brand Day’ was the over 50% discount on BTC prices, meaning users could pay less than half the price on their BTC purchases. CoinEx’s bold and innovative marketing strategy has made it easier for investors to enter the market, helping many users who were previously hesitant to invest in BTC invest at a low cost.

Increasing Brand Value and Awareness by Growing with CoinEx

Platform users who attended CoinEx’s March Brand Day event enjoyed the tangible benefits of purchasing cryptocurrency and gained a deeper understanding of the various products and services CoinEx offers. Among these offerings, CoinEx Dibs is an innovative service launched by CoinEx. This service aims to provide users with special discounts and help investors have more convenient and diverse investment options. CoinEx is committed to providing users with comprehensive and innovative cryptocurrency trading solutions, from spot transactions to leveraged transactions, from futures to automated market makers and financial services.

CoinEx’s brand philosophy and its most fundamental point in improving product development and services is the ‘Users First’ approach. By constantly innovating and optimizing its product services, CoinEx will continue to provide users with a more comprehensive, stable and reliable cryptocurrency trading service, further increasing users’ loyalty and identification with the brand. CoinEx also hopes that by continuing to focus on user needs and the benefits each Brand Day brings, the platform will further support the investment journeys of the platform’s over 5 million users from over 200 countries around the world and share the investment gains of the crypto world together.

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