Bull Price Prediction From Veteran Trader Who Says Bitcoin Unpredictable

Veteran trader and analyst Peter Brandt shared his own “flimsy” bull scenario, referring to the many bull charts circulating as Bitcoin (BTC) is on the rise.

A social media shared by Peter Brandt in your post, In his own herpes prediction, claiming that no one has a clear idea of ​​where the cryptocurrency markets will go. Shared 2 different Bitcoin charts and long term signs of the uptrend gave.

Emphasizing that all opinions about his own idea will be just speculation, however, the analyst made the following statements:

Any idiot can make crazy predictions about the markets, which is my stupid guess.

In the first chart shared by the analyst, Bitcoin’s first 25 thousand dollars after it will show an upward performance towards the region 17 thousand dollars was stated to be reduced. But this decline will remain as a correction and then BTC is on the rise towards $ 30 thousand will enter the trend. According to Brandt’s chart, BTC’s to the level of 30 thousand dollars arrive approximately this year. June will correspond to the month.

The second chart of the analyst is almost a continuation of the first. This chart, which focuses on the big picture, shows that BTC, which reached $ 30 thousand in June, will continue its upward movement and will receive a reaction from the previous peak level. According to the continuation of the analysis, the average 60-65 thousand dollars After the reaction sale from the band, the Bitcoin price again It will decrease to $33,000.. However, this decline will be the last for the medium term and the price will 33 thousand from dollars 175-200 thousand dollars up to the levelmega bull‘ will begin to move.

Although Brent’s analysis may seem “stupid” in his own words, the conditions of the market are uncertain for many analysts. According to CoinGecko data, in the last 24 hours 0.5% rising BTC at the time of writing the news from $20.843 is being traded.

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