BtcTurk Alleged To Be Acquired By Coinbase

According to the news of Webrazzi, which is based on industry sources, Coinbase rolled up its sleeves to buy BtcTurk. While it is reported that the value of the purchase may be at the level of $ 3.2 billion, Coinbase will break a new record if this purchase is realized.

BtcTurk, one of Turkey’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, came up with an ambitious news today. According to the news based on some sensations by Webrazzi BtcTurkone of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges It managed to get on Coinbase’s radar.. It has been stated that Coinbase can buy BtcTurk.

While there was no statement from Coinbase or BtcTurk, Coinbase’s recent country manager job posting for Turkey is evidence to support this news. The price of the purchase for Coinbase 3.2 billion dollars will be announced. According to the information obtained from sources close to the companies, part of this price can be paid in shares and the remaining part in cash.

The value of BtcTurk was actually up to 5 billion dollars.

In the talks in question, Coinbase’s purchase of BtcTurk was determined for a period of time. up to $5 billion expressed. However, it was stated that this price decreased to 3.2 billion dollars with the depreciation of TL and the decrease in Bitcoin. If the said purchase is realized, Coinbase will have made the largest purchase in its history.

Founded in 2012, Coinbase has a market capitalization of $33 billion today. The giant name followed and used by crypto money investors, By publishing the NFT market He had entered the world of NFT in first person. Last year, the company offered the opportunity to buy cryptocurrencies with a credit or debit card in Turkey.


Coinbase, One of the World’s Largest Cryptocurrency Exchanges, Published Its Own NFT Market

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