“Bracelet Phone” Finally Became Real: Here Are the First Comments

Motorola’s adaptive display concept has finally become a reality, some technology editors tested it and shared their comments. The first reactions are very positive.

When we say phones for about 20 years, we think of static devices with a large, touch screen in front of them. However, manufacturers are also trying different concepts and dual screen, triple screen, different forms and usage alternatives with foldable screens are offered. One of the most anticipated and curious technologies foldable screens like paperis finally close to becoming a reality.

Phone that folds like paper and turns into a bracelet:

6.9 inch FHD+ pOLED display This concept device has the capacity to be bent into different shapes. This makes it possible to wrap the foldable screen around the wrist and use it as a bracelet or turn it into something else. First by Motorola LenovoTech in world The exhibited device was also tested by some technology content producers. The screen of the device, which can be fixed as a wristband with a very large screen, can be used fully in this mode.

While the first comments mentioned different ways of using this model, the active part of the screen also changes depending on the usage mode. For example, using the L-shaped phone by folding it provides great convenience for taking photos or video calls. Phone shaped like an inverted V By folding it, it is possible for different people to use it at the same time. In the first comments, the ease and diversity of these uses stand out.

CNET’s in his review While different usage alternatives created by different ways of using the phone are highlighted, the focus is generally on the idea that the concept creates excitement. Tom’s Hardware also prefers to highlight the ways of using this new concept. In general, it seems that they are satisfied with the performance of the device in different usage patterns. Android Authority He is sure that the device looks cool, but he has serious doubts about whether Motorola will realize this concept.

motorola concept

Motorola is not the first company to work on this concept. previously Samsung, at CES 2024 appeared with a similar technology. Now all that remains is to wait for these screens to appear in mass production. Would you prefer to use this type of phone?


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