Bluesky gives up public public web interface feature

Bluesky attracts attention with its Twitter-like feature. Last month, Bluesky announced it would open a public web interface that would allow anyone to view posts on its platform. Even people who are not invited to the application will be able to view all features on the platform. However, users did not like this situation. Bluesky took the objections into consideration. The newly growing application has abandoned the change that would have seen users’ posts on the public web. Here are the details…

Bluesky has given up its public web interface feature!

Bluesky, formerly known as X, was released during the turbulent times of Twitter. The company talked about an update that is in closed beta. Bluesky announced that it will open a public web interface. However, users were not very happy with this new feature. Because everyone will be able to view profiles and posts easily, even if they are not invited.

The company has marked the end of the month for its public web launch. However, the preparations did not meet the deadline. Additionally, this feature caused some concerns. Many users prefer to keep their accounts private, i.e. friends only, as with X. Therefore, users were uncomfortable with their posts being made public on the web without this feature.

Bluesky, a subsidiary of Twitter, has exceeded 1 million users!Bluesky, a subsidiary of Twitter, has exceeded 1 million users!

Bluesky, a subsidiary of Twitter, has exceeded 1 million users!

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s new platform, Bluesky, has surpassed 1 million users, even though it only allows registration by invitation.

The company published a heartwarming post on Wednesday. In his post, Bluesky announced that plans to open a public web interface were withdrawn. The company stated that public web view will not be enabled yet in the upcoming release.

Still, Bluesky reminds users that your posts, profile, and likes are all public data. At the same time, Bluesky subtly challenged the idea that he should consider his posts private or protected.

Bluesky first launched as an invite-only app in February. It has remained an invite-only app in the months since new Twitter/X rivals, including Threads, have emerged.

The company appeared to be in no rush to go public. As a result, users thought they would have the option to lock their accounts if necessary. So they felt comfortable about it.

However, Bluesky announced that the public interface will come before any private mode options for user profiles. Users reacted to this. Apparently, Bluesky showed that it was listening to its user base by not launching the public web interface.

The company has made available an opt-out tool instead. However, instead of this feature, the option of setting their profiles as private would be a better option in terms of account privacy.

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