Bitcoin Prediction from Two Famous Names: A Record Will Come This Week!

Tom Lee, a leading Bitcoin advocate and co-founder of Fundstrat Global Advisors, shared his views on the future of Bitcoin in a recent interview. Known for his bullish sentiment towards Bitcoin since its early days, Lee’s predictions have often come true. On the other hand, Mark Thielen’s Bitcoin prediction attracted attention. Here are the details…

Bitcoin optimism from Tom Lee

Lee’s advocacy for BTC dates back a decade, when Bitcoin was in its infancy and primarily used by a small group of individuals. Despite the skepticism towards Bitcoin at the time, Lee saw the potential in BTC and remained bullish even when it was only worth a few hundred dollars. When asked what he sees in Bitcoin that others do not, Lee pointed out that Bitcoin solves many problems in the monetary system and said:

Bitcoin is an unreliable blockchain and there has never been any record of fraud. This is a remarkable achievement, especially considering that during the same 14-year period, approximately 6% of all transactions at a traditional bank were considered suspicious.

There is emphasis on Metcalfe’s law

Lee also discussed how the value of the Bitcoin network can be relatively easily modeled based on the number of wallets actively using the network. This model, based on Metcalfe’s Law, suggests that the utility of the network will increase as the number of users increases. According to Lee, this model still explains more than 90% of Bitcoin’s movements. Considering that millions of people currently own Bitcoin wallets, Lee believes this number could rise to hundreds of millions or even billions. Lee concluded his words as follows:

So there’s still upside potential from here.

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Markus Thielen announced his Bitcoin prediction

Separately, on March 4, 10X Research CEO Markus Thielen noted in a newly published report that he suspects many new fund inflows from retail and institutional investors are based on fixed dollar amounts and that investors may not be sensitive to the currency. Price:% p. It is generally believed that the halving event is good for Bitcoin. As a result, Markus believes Bitcoin could reach an all-time high this week. He noted that monitoring price movement over the weekend is always very important.

The absence of any sellers as buyers try to build leveraged long positions indicates that prices will likely rise to new all-time highs. Markus Thielen, founder and CEO of 10X Research, is known for correctly predicting Bitcoin’s price trend many times. He recently stated that Bitcoin will rise to $125,000 in this bull market.

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