Bitcoin Made Profits Almost All the Time It Was in Transaction

Bitcoin, which has been in operation for a total of 3 thousand 732 days, lost only those who invested between March 9-13 and March 25-19.

When it comes to cryptocurrency, one of the first things that comes to mind is Bitcoin. January 3, 2009Bitcoin, which took its place in the markets for the first time in Turkey and is the pioneer of crypto currencies, has been traded for 3 thousand 732 days. With its recent rise, Bitcoin only 6 days Regardless of the day it was purchased, it has provided profit to its investors.

In fact, this situation is not surprising because in March, Bitcoin It reached a historical peak of $73,600. He had signed. Anyone who had invested in Bitcoin up to that point and did not sell their Bitcoin later had their investment appreciated. The graphics shared by also confirm this situation.

Bitcoin is expected to gain further value

On the other hand, Bitcoin, which has recently reached its all-time high, is expected to gain even more value in the future. Many investors who predict that prices will increase with the upcoming Bitcoin halving are leaving the market. Bitcoin collects. The fourth halving will see the 840 thousandth blog created On April 20, 2024 is predicted to occur.


Cryptocurrency miners also wait before the halving mining investments reviewing. Some investors are preparing to renew the equipment they use in mining. Canadian company Bitfarms, $240 million preparing for investment.

Cryptocurrency exchanges can still be very volatile. Therefore, it is necessary to think in detail before investing.


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