Bitcoin is on the rise! Will the cryptocurrency market recover?

The global economic crisis, which surrounded the world with the effect of the pandemic, also made itself felt in the crypto money market. been on the decline for some time. crypto market, As of yesterday, it has started to rise again. Will Bitcoin continue to rise?

Bitcoin is on the rise again! Has the recovery started?

Many individuals and institutions, especially exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase, mobilized for cryptocurrencies. The war between Iran and the US against cryptocurrency mining delayed the recovery of the markets.

Statement from Elon Musk that will confuse the crypto money markets!

A Tweet came from the famous CEO, Elon Musk, that would confuse the cryptocurrency exchanges in the morning. But what does Musk mean in his post?

Worth about $2 billion 101,266 Bitcoins Binance, which bought it, used all its remaining money, except for its current investments, in the popular cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, which fell to $ 16,000 in the past days, returned to the level of $ 17,000 yesterday.

Bitcoin is on the rise again!  Has the recovery started?

As of now Traded at $21,089 Bitcoin sat on the world agenda with a decrease of approximately $ 9,000 in 1 month. Ethereum, another popular cryptocurrency, started trading at $1,152 with an increase of 7.3 percent in 24 hours.

BNB, developed by Binance, 8 percent increase rose to $223. Solana (SOL), one of the cryptocurrencies that comes to mind in the name of the Metaverse, is on the other hand. 15 percent increase It went up to $37 after that.

The highest increase in the cryptocurrency market occurred in Celsius. Celsius, which has increased by 369 percent in 7 days, is trading at $ 1.49. Analysts state that the cryptocurrency market will remain uncertain for a while.

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