Bitcoin Enemy CEO: “BTC May Increase 10x But I Will Not Buy”

We know that executives who are actively involved in the banking industry generally do not like Bitcoin.

It is possible to consider this approach to Bitcoin, which offers an alternative to the existing banking system, reasonable.

Among these executives, Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan, is among those who take the hardest stance against Bitcoin.

The CEO, who has been on the agenda with his negative statements about Bitcoin since 2017, again spoke about Bitcoin.

In an interview with the Times Of India, the CEO continued his criticism of Bitcoin. Agreeing that Bitcoin may rise 10 times in the next 5 years, the CEO said that he would not buy it despite this.

“I don’t really care about Bitcoin. I think people spend too much time on this. I believe it will come to a certain order. I think they will restrict it. I have no idea if these actions will make it go away. I personally don’t care about Bitcoin.

I am not a buyer of Bitcoin. However, this does not mean that it will not increase 10 times in the next 5 years.”

Despite this approach of its CEO, JP Morgan, the leading bank in the USA in investment banking, offers its customers the opportunity to invest in cryptocurrencies.

The company publishes a monthly report on Bitcoin. Although the CEO doesn’t care, the bank is working hard to capitalize on investors’ interest in Bitcoin.

*Not Investment Advice.

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