Bitcoin and Ethereum Preparing for a Crazy Bull Rally, According to Recognized Analyst

The analyst, nicknamed DonAlt, who stands out with his correct prediction for the last $ 16,000 low in Bitcoin (BTC), suggested that cryptocurrencies are preparing for a crazy bull rally.

Recognized analyst DonAlt included remarkable signals for cryptocurrencies in his recent social media post. Despite the banking crises in the USA in recent weeks, the recovery in cryptocurrencies is strong. preparation for a bull rally stated that.

of bitcoin $24,300 If it breaks the resistance and closes above this zone on a weekly basis, it will reach the next resistance target. 32,200 The analyst, who determined it in dollars, emphasized that he would follow the process closely.

Emphasizing the importance of the third test to the $24,000 band, the analyst said that he would not sell at this point and wanted to try his luck and see what would happen.

Selling on the third test of $24,000? No, thanks, I’d rather take my chances.

Making similar comments about Ethereum, DonAlt, together with the FUD events last week, $1,379 Ethereum, which regressed as much as $1,600 to win the band “crazy” described with the phrase.

Analyst, where Ethereum is $1,740 If it exceeds the resistance, $2,500 He added that it can go up. Emphasizing that his analyzes are related to macroeconomic markets and financial data should be followed closely, DonAlt warned investors about the risk they will take.

According to CoinGecko data, Bitcoin is in the last 24 hour time frame. 10.4% with a rising performance $25,978if Ethereum 6.5%with the rise of $1,753 rose up.

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