Bitcoin and Ethereum Active Supply Bottom: Is the Decreasing Amount of Coins a Signal?

Within a year, the active supply of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) has fallen to an all-time low.

In the cryptocurrency market positive Circulating supply of Bitcoin and Ethereum as the winds blow 2022 fell to record low levels in 2019. Presented by The Block on-chain Bitcoin and Ethereum supply according to data since 2017 saw the lowest level. According to data, last year the supply of Bitcoin in circulation was only 30.12% and the circulating supply of Ethereum 39.15% it moved.

The period when Bitcoin supply is most active March 2017 to March 2018 While this situation is recorded as between July 2016 and 2017 took place between.

Between March 2017-2018 Bitcoin of supply more than 59% more, july 2016-2017 Between the years Ethereum of supply more than 86% Many were actively involved.

In addition, according to the data, Bitcoin and Ethereum have not been moved for three and five years. BTC And ETH The percentage remains at record lows. Bitcoin’s circulating supply changing hands in the last three years 2019 in the year 73% last year from the level to 58.58% While five-year active supply decreased from 83% %to 70.13 declined.

Despite the active supply of Bitcoin and Ethereum being at such low levels, increase in network activity in the medium and long term positive data It is interpreted as .

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