Binance Donates $2.5M Crypto to UNICEF for Ukrainian Children

Binance Charity, the non-profit charity arm of the world’s largest crypto exchange Binance, announced that it has donated $ 2.5 million in crypto money to UNICEF for Ukrainian children.

UNICEF, March 6 in his statement on Binancefor Ukrainian children $2.5 million He announced his donation and thanked Binance, stating that the support came at the right time as escalating armed conflict has hit the population hard.

In the statement, it was mentioned that the advance of Russian troops and their attacks on various infrastructure points affected the lives of those living in the northern part of Ukraine. It was also stated that the Ukrainian president’s call on civilians to join the militia and the restrictions on regional cash flow did not help improve the situation of those living in conflict zones.

Director of UNICEF’s Special Fundraising and Partnerships Division in Geneva Carla Hadid Mardini In his statement on the subject;

We count on the generosity and support of global business to help us reach children and their families in Ukraine, whose lives and futures are at stake. We thank Binance Charity for their support during this critical time.

made statements.

Binance CEO, who stated that they will continue to provide financial aid to charities in partnership with UNICEF Chanpeng Zhao;

The escalation speed of this conflict shocked the whole world. Ukrainian children were laughing, playing and going to school a week ago. Now we hear that children have died and that thousands have had to flee or seek refuge. This is heartbreaking. We are grateful for our continued collaboration with UNICEF, who, with the support of the Binance community, provided emergency assistance to help alleviate some of the suffering these children and their families are facing.

made statements.

in the statement UNICEF’s efforts provide water, education and protection to children; promoting health and hygiene assistance to communities; work with Ukraine’s regional governments to support community support programs; and supporting mobile teams providing child protection services was given place.

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