Binance CMO Greets Istanbul: It Will Be a Crypto Center!

Turkey has an important position in the crypto world with its young and dynamic population. This situation also attracts the attention of market players and they show special interest. Binance CMO Rachel Conlan spoke about Türkiye before Binance Blockchain Week.

Binance CMO: Penetration in Turkey is higher than the rest of the world

Rachel Conlan, the new Marketing Manager (CMO) of Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by transaction volume, describes Istanbul as a crypto center in an interview. Ahead of Binance Blockchain Week in early November, Conlan says:

I think we have tremendous potential and opportunity in Web3. This is one of the reasons why I turned to this sector three years ago. The most important reason is penetration. If you look at the global industry, we only have 5% penetration worldwide. I know that in Turkey this rate is 12%.

Türkiye has the most exciting communities for crypto”

Binance Marketing Manager is aware of the importance of Turkey in the global ecosystem. Explaining this situation, “Türkiye is one of the most exciting communities for crypto.” says. He states that this is not limited to just numbers. Along these lines, “Even though you have incredible penetration, we know that it is increasing month by month.” He comments. Based on this, Conlan shares the following assessment:

This is not just about crypto exchanges and people holding crypto, but also about the vibrant ecosystem of startups, investments here. This is very exciting. Türkiye is a market from which we can learn a lot. We can learn and gain insights from the user base here and how we can apply that to our global programs, what we need to do better.


Binance CMO: Istanbul is already one of the main hubs!

Conlan continues his words by expressing his satisfaction with Binance Turkey’s success. In this context, Conlan said, “I think Istanbul is already one of the main centers. I don’t think it’s about being the centre. This is one of the reasons why we chose to host Binance Blockchain Week here in November. “This is really about bringing together both the local community and the international Web3 community.” says.

Conlan also emphasizes the importance of regulatory compliance. He underlines that Binance exchange’s commitment to compliance is one of the main reasons why he joined the exchange. He emphasizes that the crypto exchange has 18 licenses globally. Additionally, Conlan states that Binance has more than 700 compliance officers working on user security and over $80 million has been invested in infrastructure. Conlan notes that it is possible to double this figure in the pursuit of perfection. He also adds that “regulations will make it easier for people to adapt to the industry.”

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