BILD-Sport-Vice at “Viertel nach Acht”: “Boateng’s club has to terminate the contract”

Friday evening. A new edition of the program “Viertel nach Acht – the talk that makes the headlines”. New topics, new exciters, new arguments!

The guests this Friday:

  • Editor-in-chief and publisher Roger Köppel (56)
  • Integration expert Ahmad Mansour (45)
  • Ex-government spokesman Béla Anda (58)
  • Sports Vice-President of the BILD and WELT Group Carli Underberg
  • BILD business editor and bestselling author Nena Schink

► What is special about the “Viertel nach Acht” format: The guests determine the topics themselves – everyone brings a “excitement” with them, which is then discussed by everyone.

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Sports vice of the BILD and WELT group, Carli Underberg, brings the excitement issue Jérôme Boateng with him and says very clearly: “As a convicted woman thug, Boateng must never again be signed by a club. His new club, Lyon, has to terminate his contract and all of his advertising partners have to distance himself from him! “

Roger Köppel advocates more restraint: “I would be careful before I pull out the flaming sword of moral indignation. (…) We weren’t there. We don’t know what really happened. “

“It’s not about celebrity status at all. If we don’t denounce that clearly, that’s a dramatic sign, ”emphasizes Underberg. Mansour agrees: “It’s not about Boateng, it’s about being a role model – he’s responsible and he’s failed here. It is not an isolated case. “

BILD editor Nena Schink brings a corona excitement: The children in the classroom were allowed to take off their masks for the Sat.1 program “Kannste Kanzler?”. But all just for the election campaign of the three candidates for chancellor!

Schink is happy: “Finally children laughing without a mask in school!” BUT: “It was a pure advertising show!” “There should no longer be children with masks in schools! This exception should be the rule! ”Says the BILD editor.

Above all, publisher Roger Köppel finds it questionable that it was “a theatrical production! As soon as the splendid politicians arrive, all of a sudden completely different rules apply again. “

“What bothers me about it is the way the children are staged as campaign fodder. They are being used as a backdrop to present themselves, ”says ex-government spokesman Béla Anda.

The Swiss editor-in-chief of “Weltwoche” Roger Köppel is upset about the way the state – in this case the Potsdam-Mittelmark district – is dealing with people in the pandemic.

“A three year old was quarantined even though she never tested positive. The parents received a letter in the GDR sound that it had washed up. Then it says: ‘If you do not follow the instructions (…) concerning your child, the (…) compulsory placement must take place in a suitable locked facility,’ ”Köppel continues.

► BILD editor Nena Schink asks herself: “What kind of world do we actually live in?”

Sports vice-president of the BILD and WELT group, Carli Underberg, is also irritated: “As a parent, I am threatened with imprisonment!”

Integration and Islam expert Ahmad Mansour brings along the sentence “2015 must not be repeated” and asks: What must not be repeated?

“Terrorist attacks, New Year’s Eve in Cologne, honor killings, rejection of freedom of expression, anti-Semitic demos, they must not be repeated!” Said Mansour. The uncontrolledness of 2015 should not be repeated.

“I hope that our government has learned the lesson from 2015 – the concept of integration has not yet reached all politicians. Integration also includes arriving emotionally and internalizing German values, ”the integration expert continues.

Béla Anda sharply contradicts Mansour on one point: “The uncontrolled immigration does not repeat itself! Most of them have integrated. You shouldn’t pretend that only terrorists are coming here. ”

Ex-government spokesman Béla Anda is upset about the demonstrators at the IAA, who are becoming more and more violent and who hit many bystanders with their protest.

“These new protests are absurd! Especially because electromobility is in the foreground at the IAA! ”Says Anda. With protests on motorway bridges and provoking traffic jams lasting for hours, “those who would perhaps like to switch to e-mobility, if only they could afford it, will be hit.”

Sports Vice-President of the BILD and WELT Group, Carli Underberg, thinks that protests are good, “but creative and not with a riot to make a riot! (…) What is this nonsense about protest? ”He asks. “We are dealing with people here who are experience-oriented,” says Ahmad Mansour. “It is now ‘in’ to be against the police …”

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