Big Drop in Bitcoin in a Short Time: 371 Million Positions Liquidated!

With Bitcoin (BTC) falling by 3.7% in the last 24-hour period to the $ 25,500 band, the crypto money market lost millions of dollars.

According to Coinglass data, at the time of writing, the last 24 hours The total value of the liquidated positions in 371 million became dollars. in total from 180 thousand It was stated that many crypto money investors were affected by this situation.

The largest liquidation cryptocurrency exchange at OKX opened 2.1 million dollar Ethereum Approximate total positions liquidated while holding a long position 89.94% of It was reported that it was caused by long (long) positions.

Positions in liquidation $48 million in Bitcoinfrom and $40 million Ethereumfrom (ETH). When the data on all cryptocurrencies are examined, within 24 hours 333 million dollars long While the (long) directional position is liquidated, short Total value of positions liquidated on the (short) side 37 million dollars corresponds.

371 million of the total liquidation amount in dollars part of 147 million dollars largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance 2nd place with $138 million liquidation OKX yprivate took.

Bitcoin in the last 24 hours 3.7% While exhibiting a decrease, this decrease was reflected much harder on altcoins. Ethereum during the same period 5.1%Binance Coin (BNB) 8.1% And Cardano (ADA) 23% experienced a decline. The total value of the cryptocurrency market is $1,013 trillion as much as it declined.

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