Beware of Steam scam: The game you bought may be fake!

The one who covets the money that people earn with a thousand hardships scammers day by day, they continue to come up with new methods that almost give up. A new one has been added to these recently. Steam or Epic Games The popular FPS game, which is not sold in stores such as the Store, but only sold through its own website, has been uploaded to Steam by fraudsters. Users were shocked when they purchased and downloaded the game, which was sold for half the official price tag.

Scammers listed fake Escape from Tarkov on Steam

The game that scammers use to trap users is Escape from Tarkov. Russian game studio Battlestate Games developed by popular FPS game As mentioned above, it is only sold on its website with a price tag of $ 45.

The game recently unexpectedly 382 TL with price on Steam started to be listed. However, the developer of the game on the subject Battlestate Games It should be noted that there was not the slightest explanation from Players on its website approximately 846 TL While flocking to the platform to get the FPS game sold at the price tag cheaper, the truth soon emerged.

The best selling games on Steam have been announced!  Sold out before it even came out

The best selling games on Steam have been announced! Sold out before it even came out

The best-selling games on Steam between January 17 and January 24 have been announced. The game at the top of the list continues to be the first.

Steam known for the data shared on SteamDBLooking at the game listed on the platform fake. That is, the page of a 2D adventure game by fraudsters. Escape from Tarkov We see it replaced. To expand on the subject a little more Steam page about making gameplay videoscontains many details, including the name of its developer and images. Of course at this point the game 382 TLContrary to what users expect Escape from Tarkov They encounter a 2D game whose name is unknown.

Published and sold on the platform for a short time fake Escape from Tarkovon the warnings of users who are victims of this situation. Steam noticed by and removed. For this reason, it would be healthier to do a little research before purchasing a game, considering that there may be fraudulent events on platforms such as Steam.

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