Beware of Selling Pressure for NFT Altcoin: The Airdrop Recipient Moved All of It to the Stock Exchange!

Whales who received airdrops from NFT marketplace Blur transferred assets worth millions of dollars to cryptocurrency exchanges.

NFT marketplace Blur second airdrop made the distribution. BLUR winners worth millions of dollars thanks to the voluminous transactions they made on the platform in the past months. whales these assets in a short time. to stock exchanges sent.

Reported by on-chain analysis platform Lookonchain to data according to “0xfa0eA whale wallet named ” $1.6 million worth 4.4 million BLUR direct cryptocurrency exchange to OKX sent.

Another whale wallet “*深大高财生.eth” whereas $1.5 million worth 4.67 million BLUR same way to OKX transferred. These processes of whales sales by doing snow It is thought that they did it to get it.

lookonchain to your data according to 21 November at 02.00 CET Since the airdrop distribution started from $97.5 million more BLUR withdrawn to individual addresses. Among those who won the highest amount of airdrop rights hanwe.eth And machibigbrother.eth came forward. These two whales respectively $7.26 million worth 22.85 million BLUR And $1.9 million worth 6 million BLUR kit got bigger.

The top 10 wallets that received the largest share from the airdrop accounted for the total airdrop amount. 28% created. These 10 wallets $27.25 million worth 85.69 million BLUR distributed. of this amount $2.95 million worth BLUR 9.3 million part directly to stock exchanges transferred.

It is thought that these transfers may turn into a sales pressure.

According to CoinGecko data, after the airdrop approximately %12 value loser BLUR $0.336 from level for $0.297 decreased by . BLUR recovered shortly after this decline and at the time of writing from $0.362 is being traded.

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