Best Euro Truck Simulator 2 (ETS 2) Mods

In Euro Truck Simulator 2, one of the most popular simulation games, you can try to download mods to have a better experience, more roads and more beautiful trucks. We have listed a few of the mods that make your game better.

One of the most popular productions of the simulation world. Euro Truck Simulator 2or briefly ETS 2Although it was launched in 2012, it continues to be kept alive. The developer of the game, SCS Software, continues to bring new maps and trucks to the game on a regular basis, while at the same time, it is on the way to renew the old map and trucks.

But one of the biggest reasons that makes Euro Truck Simulator 2 special and maintains its vitality is that it has mod support. Many volunteer modders are developing mods that will increase the experience of players in Euro Truck Simulator 2. These modes include many options such as trucks, maps, sounds, truck add-ons and trailers. We, too, will bring the pleasure of Euro Truck Simulator 2 players to the highest level. best mods We thought we’d share it with you.

Map modes:

RoExtended including Turkey map

This mod, which focuses on Romania and adds all the cities in the country to the ETS 2 map, draws attention with its level of detail and fun ways. Map, From Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Moldova brings a total of 43 new cities.

Roextended, now Project Turkey includes his team. Therefore, you can have Project Turkey, which you downloaded separately, only by downloading Roextended.

Click to download the mod.



Promods, the most famous map mod of Euro Truck Simulator 2, not only improves the original map of the game, but also adds new countries to the map and the roads you can drive. tens of thousands of kilometers expanding. To install Promods, you must have the original copy of the game and all necessary DLCs.

Click to download the mod.

Grand Utopia

ets2 grand utopia

In Euro Truck Simulator 2, there are not only maps that carry the real world to the virtual environment. Fictional maps allow you to drive on roads that do not exist in reality. a fictional map Grand Utopia, on the other hand, is modeled better than many real maps. There are all kinds of roads you want to drive on the map.

Click to download the mod.



Rusmap, which is one of the most famous map mods together with Promods, adds to your map. 62 Russian and 18 Belarusian cities adds.

Click to download the mod.

Project Balkans

project balkans

Project Balkans map mod, your main map covering the Balkans making the southeast region better. This way, you can have a more realistic experience.

Click to download the mod.

Southern Region

southern region

Unlike Rusmap, Southern Region adds to your map. Cities connecting Russia to the Black Sea adds. The map is among the maps that are again beautifully modeled.

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  • Note: Map mods we listed above (except Grand Utopia) you can run the game at the same time. So you have a much larger road network than the original game.

Truck modes:

Ford F-MAX

ford f-max

Developed by Turkish developers Ford F-MAX mode has been followed by Turkish players for a long time. The mod was released in November 2019 and is still being developed with innovations. Many players from around the world also use this mode with love and praise.

Click to download the mod.

DAF 95 Horse

daf 95 horse

If you want to use more old body trucks, you can use the developed by XBS. To DAF 95 Ati you can take a look. In addition, you can experience a different truck experience with different chassis options on the truck.

Click to download the mod.

Volvo F Series

volvo f series

This is our recommendation for those who want an old case truck. Developed by Lucasi Volvo F Seriesoffers an experience that will allow you to drive further as you drive with its model and sound quality.

Click to download the mod.

RJL Scania

rjl scania

The original Scanias that came with Euro Truck Simulator 2 have limited customization options and models. Developed by RJL, this mod offers the game a zillion customizations with different chassis types. Scania G, R, R 4-series and Streamline trucks adds to your game.

Click to download the mod.

Mercedes Actros MP1

ets 2mb mp1

One of the legendary trucks of Mercedez Benz MP1If you want to add . to the game, you have no choice but to use this mod. Although the modeling of the truck is at a good level, the sounds it has may seem a little low quality.

Click to download the mod.

Mercedes Actros MP5

ets 2mb mp5

Actros series, which Mercedes Benz started with the above model, finally MP5 got the model. With this model, physical mirrors disappeared and the camera mirror system entered the trucks. This mod has been developed to bring this truck to the game, which is very nice and high quality.

Click to download the mod.

DAF XF 105 (vad&k)

daf xf 105

The original that came with the game DAF XF 105does not have many customization options. But this mod, developed by vad&k, will make you love the DAF XF 105 even if you don’t like it. The truck comes with high quality modeling and sound quality. But before installing the mod make sure you have the ‘XF Tuning Pack’ DLC.

Click to download the mod.

Schumi Trucks

schumi truck

Many original trucks in the game are now backward compared to today’s graphics and mods. But the mods that Schumi has developed for almost every truck, modeling quality of trucks a little better and new sounds adds.

Other mods:

PlayeryusBis bus mods:


The Turkish OyunyusBisMods team has developed and continues to develop several bus mods for Euro Truck Simulator 2. Game such as Man Lion’s Coach, Mercedes Benz Travego and Tourismo If you want to add buses, you can try these mods.

Click to download the mod.

SiSL’s Mega Pack

sisl mega pack

Cabin Accesories DLC released by SCS Software may not be enough to customize the interior of your truck. With this mod developed by SiSL, you can all kinds of decorations You can even fill your passenger seat.

Click to download the mod.

SiSL’s Trailer Pack

sisl trailer pack

Also developed by SiSL, this mod prevents you from seeing the same trailer over and over in the game. With the mod, you can both see in traffic and deliver. More than 700 trailers is added to the game.

Click to download the mod.

Realistic Truck Physics Mod

One of the missing points of Euro Truck Simulator 2 is truck physics. But this mod, developed by Frkn64 and downloaded by hundreds of thousands of players over the years, maximizes your truck’s reactions on the road.

Click to download the mod.

DB Creation traffic mods

db creation traffic

Again, traffic density and diversity, which is one of the shortcomings of Euro Truck Simulator 2, can be eliminated with DB Creation’s mods. If JazzyCat’s mods are hard on your computer, you can try DB Creation’s “Traffic Vehicle Definitions” package. You can also increase traffic density and improve artificial intelligence with the “Real Traffic Intensity & Behaviour” mode.

Click to download the mod.

Sound Fixes Pack

sound fixes pack

Our last suggestion among the mods that fix the game’s shortcomings Sound Fixes Pack. With this mod, you can hear tire, air and wind sounds better and more clearly in the game, and you can improve the sounds produced in various actions such as petrol filling.

Click to download the mod.

Realistic Brutal Graphics & Weather

realistic graphics mod

Although Euro Truck Simulator 2 has recently had brand new graphics, you can check out this mod developed by Kass to improve the graphics experience. with the mod realistic reflection effects and weather conditions, particles, new sky textures and more being added to the game.

Click to download the mod.



Euro Truck Simulator 2 in a multiplayer way If you want to play, you can download this mod, which has been actively used by many players for years. Let’s not forget to warn you that many drivers drive trucks like racing cars.

Click to download the mod.

How to install Euro Truck Simulator 2 mods?

euro truck simulator 2

Before moving on to the mods, let’s explain how you can install these mods and all other mods in Euro Truck Simulator 2. The steps you need to do to install the mods in the game are quite simple. You can install mods for the game by putting the “.scs” extension files that you have downloaded from Steam or the internet into the required folder.

Installing mods you downloaded from the internet:

  • You don’t have to close the game before installing the mod.
  • Download the mod you want.
  • Documentation > Euro Truck Simulator 2 > mod access the folder.
  • you downloaded “.scs” extension file Put it in the ‘mod’ folder.
  • On the profile selection screen in Euro Truck Simulator 2, ‘Edit ProfileClick ‘.
  • Activate the mod you have put in the ‘mod’ folder by double-clicking on it.
  • Press ‘Apply’.

Installing mods via Steam:

  • The game must be closed for Steam to download the mod.
  • Click on Euro Truck Simulator 2 in your library tab and click on ‘Workshop’ to the Steam Workshop reach.
  • After selecting the mod you want to download, open its page.
  • To download the mod click ‘SubscribeClick ‘.
  • After the download is complete, open the game, click ‘Edit Profile’.
  • Activate the downloaded mod by double-clicking on it.
  • Press ‘Apply’.

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