Before the Galaxy S23 was introduced: The first information about the Galaxy S24 came!

The Galaxy S23 series, which is expected to be introduced next week, is among the most anticipated smartphones of 2023. Many details about smartphones are already known, and for now, only Samsung left to be put up for sale. In fact, the first information about the successors of the series, which has not yet been officially showcased, has begun to come. So what will the Galaxy S24 offer users?

Critical processor detail about the Samsung Galaxy S24 series

Samsungits own production of flagship models to date Exynos and Snapdragon released with processors. Even Galaxy S The company, which has brought its series to Turkey with the Exynos processor for years, made a change this year and introduced the last year. Galaxy S22 series in our country Snapdragon offered for sale with the processor.

Samsung’s new flagship models for a while cpu changeThere were arguments about what was going to happen. The reason for these is that the Exynos processors do not meet the expectations of the users and the Snapdragon version is below in terms of performance, reducing the user experience.

Samsung warns: Install this update now!

Samsung warns: Install this update now!

Two critical vulnerabilities have been found in the Samsung Galaxy Store. Hackers can infiltrate Galaxy devices and install any app they want.

Most of these claims were true, and the Snapdragon chipset will come to the fore in the Galaxy S23 series, which will be introduced on February 1. Thus, for the first time in its history, Samsung will use Snapdragon processors in all Galaxy S series smartphones sold worldwide.

The processor that will power the series Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 it will be. However, this chipset will offer higher clock speeds unlike those used by other manufacturers, that is, it will be a modified version. According to information from sources close to the company Samsung, 2024′will be introduced in In the Galaxy S24 series will follow a similar path.

So if the allegations are true Samsungonly Galaxy S23 seriesnot only in the next series QualcommIt will feature a special version of ‘s latest flagship chip that offers higher clock speeds. According to Yogesh Brar, who is known for leaks in the industry, the South Korean manufacturer has its own production. Exynos processorThis situation will continue until the expected level of Of course these leak It is also worth noting that there is no official statement.

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