Banned Apple products to be resold in Colombia

It was announced that the hardware Apple uses in 5G technologies violates the NC2019/0003681 patent taken by Ericsson. The Colombian court of Juzgado 042 Civil del Circuito de Bogota imposed a sales ban on Apple products with 5G support in July, due to the patent valid until 2037. According to reports emerging today, Apple products will re-enter Colombia’s smartphone market. However, people who will still buy 5G Apple products will encounter a problem. So, what is this problem waiting for Apple customers? Let’s take a look at the details of the news together.

No 5G networks in Colombia for Apple products

A Colombian judge has overturned an injunction preventing Apple from selling any 5G-powered device in the country after allegations that Ericsson infringed on its patents. In other words, technology giant Apple will now bring 5G devices back to the Colombian smartphone market.

However, despite all this, there is a problem such as the lack of 5G network in Colombia. In other words, people who will buy an Apple product with 5G technology in Colombia will not be able to take full advantage of the devices.

Speed ​​restriction on iPhone 15 standard models from Apple!

Speed ​​restriction on iPhone 15 standard models from Apple!

Prepared for the USB-C input, Apple will maintain the difference between the iPhone 15 Pro models and the standard models in this area as well.

In addition, Apple products with 5G connectivity may be banned. Because the Ericsson and Apple case will continue to be seen in 2023. If Apple products are banned in the country again, the company will remove its products from sale again and will have to pay for license products.

On the other hand, Apple argued that there were “significant differences” regarding patent claims after its 5G-connected products were banned in the country. But until then, it seems likely that a mutual agreement will be reached between the two companies.

What do you, our readers, think about this issue? Do you think it is right to ban the products of any brand in the country or does this restrict freedom? You can express your views in the Comments section.

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