Banking Giant to Turn FTX Crash into Opportunity: Millions of Dollars Invested in Crypto

Goldman Sachs, the world’s leading banking giant, plans to invest tens of millions of dollars in the sector by turning the FTX collapse into an opportunity to negatively affect the valuations of crypto money companies.

Golman Sachs Head of Digital Assets Mathew McDermott In a statement to Reuters, the FTX bankruptcy is yet to come. reliable and regulated makes the need for a crypto industry clear and that big banks make this situation a reason for purchases. see it as an opportunity suggested.

FTX in many areas in the industry an exemplary company McDermott, who stated that the events were seen as the that you continue to evolve underlined. McDermott has been very busy in the cryptocurrency market in the past months. reasonably priced deals He was known to think he was.

McDermott also added to the number of companies that want to work with Goldman Sachs after the FTX bankruptcy. increase and that there are many new developments as technology companies change their staff. recruitment opportunities stated that it appeared. But for now, even more so than the size of his team. pleased added that.

company CEO David Solomon He considers cryptocurrencies highly speculative after the FTX crash, but if the underlying technology evolves and gains proper legal status has great potential had expressed.

On the other hand, Britannie Financial Group CEO Mark Bruce and FTX bankruptcy to corporate and regulated companies increase customer flow Expressing his opinion, he put forward a similar view with McDermott. Bruce said that after the FTX bankruptcy, they received more attention from customers and that customers no longer more reliable parties He said they were looking for.

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