Bank Managing 800 Billion Dollars of Assets Will Give Interest to Customers for Cryptocurrencies!

UK-based giant banking group Standard Chartered will start offering interest income in exchange for cryptocurrency to its corporate customers.

Total 800 billion dollars entity managing Standard Chartered cryptocurrency Zodia Custody 19 September published on his official social media account on in postSingapore-based digital asset platform developer OpenEden It stated that it will offer returns on crypto assets to corporate customers by partnering with .

Within the scope of the partnership, crypto assets real world return opportunities He stated that he will merge it with and provide his customers with access to staking services. Zodia Custody He made the following statements on the subject:

This collaboration responds to investors’ needs for a transparent, low-risk and easily convertible custody solution on how digital asset holders earn profits.

CEO of Zodia Custody Julian Sawyer We understand that there are many things in the world of traditional finance that can be transferred to cryptocurrencies, but the real challenge is to realize some of these advantages. regulatory compatible And trustworthy He said that it was to present it to users in some way.

OpenEden co-founder Jeremy N.G. He drew attention to the potential in this field, saying that there are billions of dollars worth of stablecoins just sitting on the sidelines while they can easily generate returns for investors.

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