Bad news for scooter users: Two new bans are on the way!

Scooters, which are frequently used as an alternative to the traffic problem, It has been learned that the Ministry of Transport and Communications has started working on a new regulation. Especially in the last unsuitable way Park With the recall of the electric scooters, a new discussion started about the use of these vehicles and even the companies that rented these vehicles participated in the discussion. If the regulation that the ministry is working on is implemented, various restrictions will be applied to the use of these tools.

Electric scooter regulation from the Ministry of Transport and Communications

Istanbul Electric scooters, which have been implemented in order to solve the traffic problem in big cities such as Istanbul and get people to the point they want to go faster and more practically, have been very popular in recent years. However, due to the fact that these vehicles cause problems for pedestrians and traffic in various situations, there are various studies.

According to Hürriyet’s news, following the decision of Istanbul Kadıköy Municipality to recall improperly parked a short time ago, a draft study for the relevant vehicles has now been started by the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

If the ministry’s work is realized, various sensors will be attached to the vehicles in order to prevent two people from getting on a scooter at the same time.

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