Australian Government to Intervene Fake Accounts

The Australian government has announced the “anti-troll” social media law it has prepared to interfere with commenters targeting users on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

In the digital age we live in, insulting, harassment and violent content on social media platforms commenting and sharing “troll” accounts increasingly widespread has become.

Many countries, including Turkey, are against such fake accounts that exist on social media. legal regulations started doing it. at the Australian Government “unmasking the trolls” for a new draft law preparation announced that he did.

Australia to unmask troll accounts

Prime Minister Scott Morrison urges citizens to oppose online harassment and abuse they will protect announced that they were preparing a draft law. Morrison, “The online world is where robots, bigots, trolls and others can roam anonymously and harm, harass, bully people. ‘Wild West’ shouldn’t be” said. In the real world this that it is not possible Emphasizing the Prime Minister, the digital world also they won’t let People who think that their rights have been violated with the enactment of the law. ‘information disclosure order’ may apply to the Supreme Court. In this way, fake accounts will be identified and required legal action will be performed.


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By hiding the identities of people by law defamatory comments to do to prevent Attorney General Michaelia Cash said that social media platforms should have a designated agency based in Australia. will be requested announced. Stating that the prepared law will be presented to the parliament early next year, Attorney General Michaelia Cash shared on social media. with defamatory comments not only users social media platforms declared that he would be held responsible.

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