Attention to the Investor Who Achieved 100 Percent Success in Altcoins: He Earns Millions!

An investor, who continued his transactions with a 100% success rate, transferred altcoins worth $ 1 million to the cryptocurrency exchange OKX.

The whale continues its transactions flawlessly and adds profit to its profits with every trade it has ever made. March 3 day Arbitrum (ARB) took action for.

The data shows that the whale sent OKX $1.01 million worth 500 thousand ARB He revealed what he sent. This transfer was interpreted as a possible pre-sale preparation process.

The whale in question has so far Ethereum (ETH), Render (RNDR) And Worldcoin (WLD) with its successful trades Profit around $8.3 million got it.

According to DeBank data, the whale in question currently has $10 million worth of ETH, $2 million worth of ARB, $395 thousand worth of Radiant Capital (RDNT) and $330 thousand worth of Lido Finance (LDO) in his wallet.

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