Attention! Metamask Warns Against New Cryptocurrency Scam: Here’s the Solution

Cryptocurrency wallet Metamask has warned crypto users of a new type of scam.

A social media shared by Metamask in your postA new type of fraud was introduced. “Address Poisoning” Details of this type of fraud, defined as According to the shared details, criminals make money by misleading users about the address to which they will transfer money. Although this deception requires a certain process and work, it has not been large amount of assets It is believed to have been stolen this way.

In this system, which is defined as different from the fraud methods seen so far, fraudsters using special software a “copy address” and imitates the user’s transaction address. Scammers use specific wallet addresses that target addresses often trade with. all over again and last few numbers including copying. Then, by sending an insignificant amount of money to that address, it attracts the user who is the main target to its network and a trojan in txn history it has created. The next time the user copies the address to which they want to send money from the transaction history, this address may belong to the fraudsters.

As stated by Metamask, “Address Poisoning” scams are basically to user negligence and cryptocurrency wallet addresses are too long for users to memorize is based. Warning users against this new fraud system, Metamask recommended that the letters or numbers in the middle of an address be compared and confirmed first.

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