Artificial Intelligence to Revolutionize Movies and TV Series

An artificial intelligence developed by Flawless AI changed the slang word in a movie that came out in 2022 and added a more appropriate word instead. This development revealed that artificial intelligence could revolutionize dubbing and censorship.

Artificial intelligence has gradually started to take an important place in our lives. So much so that we can see that many different systems, from Midjourney to ChatGPT, can do things that surprise everyone. Well artificial intelligence how can it be used in movies? A movie coming out in 2022 gives the answer in an astonishing way.

‘fall’is a thriller released in 2022 and directed by Scott Mann. What makes this production interesting is the use of artificial intelligence in some of its scenes. This use reveals that artificial intelligence can revolutionize movies and TV series, as it does in every sector.

Artificial intelligence used to remove swearing in a movie

In a scene in the movie where two people climb a tower and get stuck, Shiloh Hunter’s character is swept away by his situation. swearing. The director and film crew had to change this profanity to make the production suitable for under 13s. In this case, the United Kingdom-based company, of which Scott Mann is also one of the founders. Flawless company stepped in.

As you can see from the video above, the crew changed the slang word in the scene and replaced it. more convenient adds a word. This is Flawless TrueSync made possible by the software. The system changes lip and facial movements with the support of artificial intelligence, making the desired scene appear and making the dialogue watchable for everyone.

In the video shared by the company, you can see how this process works. The fact that the audience of the movie around the world did not notice such a change is also surprising. perfect reveals that.

Technology lets your favorite player speak in any language with their own voice

Such systems are used in movies and TV series. a groundbreaking development can be said to be possible. First of all, it is possible to prevent the use of slang with artificial intelligence and abolishing censorship We can say that movies can be made suitable for all ages. But more importantly is the dubbing issue.

As it is known, watching a dubbed movie with the original not have the same effect There are discussions about. Some may say that the background sounds are left behind in the dubbing or that the voiceovers are not compatible with the actors. This new development shows that the differences between the original dialogue and the translation can disappear.


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In other words, a movie with perfect dubbing that can enter our lives with these technologies can create the same effect all over the world and remove the borders between us. Your favorite foreign player that you speak Turkish with your own voice think. That way, your perspective on the movie can change completely, and that production could possibly affect you more deeply than the traditional dubbed versions.

Flawless AI also uses the following statements about its technology on its site: “It doesn’t matter where you live or what language you speak. All audiences will now be able to experience the stories as the film crew intended.”

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