Artificial Intelligence-Powered Sticker Creator Comes to Instagram

Meta announced new artificial intelligence tools that offer impressive features for Instagram. Users will now be able to have artificial intelligence create stickers on Instagram. Additionally, images can be edited with an artificial intelligence-supported tool.

Two new features supported by artificial intelligence have arrived on Instagram, one of the world’s most popular social networks. According to the statement made by Meta, users can now use artificial intelligence-supported apps on Instagram. stickers they will be able to create. In addition, posts to be uploaded to Instagram will now be processed by an artificial intelligence-supported image editing tool It can be adjusted with .

First, let’s talk about the AI-powered sticker creation tool. Because this tool is available and as of now it has started to reach users. Moreover, you do not have to install a separate application or make a lot of effort to use it. it is not necessary.

How to use Instagram’s artificial intelligence-supported sticker tool?

  • Step #1: On the chat or story adding screen to the sticker icon touch
  • Step #2:
    • Add English to the search section for the chat screen. write text.
    • For sharing stories “artificial intelligence stickersTap “. Type English text.
  • Step #3: The resulting sticker share.

It’s that easy to use Instagram’s artificial intelligence-supported sticker creation tool. Meta, stickers created by artificial intelligence for Instagram it won’t happen announced. Share the stickers you like when sharing stories on Instagram and Facebook, or on Messenger and WhatsApp. while texting You will also be able to use it.

Instagram’s artificial intelligence-supported image editing tool will offer an impressive experience

Instagram artificial intelligence editing

Instagram’s artificial intelligence-supported image editing tool will offer the user an impressive experience. Because this editing tool allows you to edit an image reformatting It will allow you to change the background with . Let’s say you want to make a photo look like it was made with watercolor. All you have to do is write it down. Artificial intelligence-supported tool scans the image will rearrange.


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The background editing feature of the tool will offer a different experience than what we are used to. To date, we have already used dozens of tools to change the background. The new tool that Meta will launch, A background created by artificial intelligence will allow you to use it. Just like the sticker and reformatting feature, you will just need to write some text in the background changing tool. We should point out that the only disadvantage here is English. It is currently unknown whether Meta will support more languages ​​in the future. Unknown.

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