Artificial Intelligence Model that Converts Texts to Video: Gen-2

There has been a development that will increase the dimension of artificial intelligence that creates pictures from text. The developers have developed an artificial intelligence model that creates video from text. The model, named Gen-2, will be available in a few weeks.

Artificial intelligence-oriented technologies have become more popular in recent years. converting texts to pictures with his talents. The clearest example of this is AI-powered tools such as Midjourney and DALL-E. Using these tools, you can turn a text into a picture. The latest developments, a few weeks later, the ability to create images with artificial intelligence.going a few steps further it reveals.

Offering features such as background removal and exposure detection from videos with artificial intelligence-based tools, Runway has announced a new artificial intelligence model. The model, called “Gen-2”, converting texts to videos allows. Although the results are not perfect yet, the video editing tools built on Gen-2 seem to add a whole new dimension to the videos shared in the internet world. Gen-2 developers, artificial intelligence model in a few weeks announced that it will be available to users.

Here is a video created by artificial intelligence

Runway shows some of the capabilities of the Gen-2 model. shared examples. Above, you see one of those examples. to artificial intelligence”Follow someone walking through the bushes in the woods” in the form of a entering a command the team has achieved the image you are seeing.

Above is another example. The team used the command to generate these images: One your eye close-up shot.

In another example, Gen-2 has a hilly area. view from above We see that he created a video of which he was made. You can more or less guess what command the Runway team entered.


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Gen-2 has some remarkable features. Using this artificial intelligence model, you can place an object in a photo into any video, you can move. You can also move only a certain part of a photo. In addition to all these, you can transfer movements in one video to an object in another video, overlay objects in photos or videos. can place overlaysBy pushing the limits of your imagination, you can turn the 3D images you create into a real object. If this AI becomes perfect one day, it seems like everyone will start creating their own professional video.

You can watch the promotional video created for Gen-2 below.

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