Artificial Intelligence-Made YouTube Videos Spread Viruses

According to the report prepared by the cyber security firm CloudSEK, almost all of the videos that offer “download links” by advertising pirated software and games are prepared by cyber attackers with the support of artificial intelligence. Moreover, these so-called download links literally spread viruses.

We are sure that many of you at some point in your life can find the solution to the problem you encountered on the computer with broken English or the solution of the problem. You may have stumbled upon a YouTube video that explains typing into a Windows text document.. This method, which has been used frequently since the early days of YouTube and is reliable for many people, has unfortunately recently become the biggest weapon of cyber attackers.

According to the report prepared by the cyber security firm CloudSEK, almost all of the videos produced with the support of artificial intelligence and aimed at solving problems or promoting pirated software / games advertise software that contains serious viruses. Moreover, some viruses can get through your firewall.

Videos can be prepared in just a few minutes

According to CloudSEK’s research, cyber attackers prepare videos on pirated software in just a few minutes using artificial intelligence tools that we have come across frequently recently and share them on YouTube. Attackers boosting videos using the YouTube algorithmThanks to the comments created with the support of artificial intelligence, it gives the videos the “real” look.

For example, pirated Photoshop, Office softwareBy making videos of fake versions of games, games, and even free apps, attackers leave download links via shortened links in the descriptions of these videos. When you click on the links, the system firstly learns your IP address and information using your browser and infects your browser, and then when you download the application, the infected files slowly take over your system.

You can get a virus days after downloading the pirated app

While some attackers try to hunt their victims directly, others wait patiently. Especially necessary for the pirated software to work in videos. Hackers stating that the firewall should be turned off before crackingprepares viruses to be active during this process. Some viruses directly bypass the firewall and whitelist viruses.

According to the data obtained by CloudSEK, the total number of such videos on YouTube in 2022 is between 100-150. By February 2023, more than 15,000 “infected videos” were circulating on YouTube.. Moreover, if you are a careless user, there is a high probability that you will easily lose your data or turn your computer into a cryptocurrency mining machine due to the applications in such videos.


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While paying attention to such videos, let us remind you that using pirated software is a crime and unethical. Although it is expensive to use licensed software due to the economy we are in, because of a pirated software. that you can burn the video card of your system that you have collected by saving money for months. (because of crypto mining).

In addition, by using licensed applications of this kind, you will support companies to realize the number of users in our country and to apply local pricing.

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