Artificial Intelligence Detecting Houses Damaged by Fires

Scientists from Stanford University have developed an artificial intelligence technology that can detect houses damaged by forest fires with a bird’s eye camera and does not need to visit houses one by one to determine damage.

As you know, in many parts of the world in recent months, including our country. with forest fires that brought life to a standstill we had met. After these forest fires, which damaged trees, dozens of settlements, animals and even people, homeowners were very concerned about the integrity of the homes they left behind after escaping the fire.

Researchers from Stanford University have developed an artificial intelligence that can detect buildings damaged by forest fires by providing a solution to this problem. Thanks to this technology, instead of going door-to-door to detect damage, people bird’s-eye view cameras to see which house was damaged by the fire or not. can detect.

The accuracy of the machine is 92%

The damage assessment method used to date consisted of people visiting the houses one by one. Automate the process and immediately after the fire quickly direct both search and rescue teams The name of the research, Marios Galanis, who stated that they wanted to satisfy the curiosity of both the hosts, stated that they named this system they developed as DamageMap.

This technology, developed by scientists and graduate students from Stanford University and California Polytechnic State University, uses the camera instead of comparing before and after photos. on what post-fire images might look like They taught some information. “We don’t need previous photos to tell if a house has been damaged by a fire, we’ve taught artificial intelligence to work that way” Using the expressions, the researchers stated that the detection accuracy increased to 92% thanks to aerial, satellite and drone images.