Artificial intelligence can defraud others using your voice!

The rapid development of technological tools causes fraudsters to resort to different ways. Finally a new trick imitating sounds with artificial intelligence takes over. Accordingly, hackers demand money from people using the voices of certain people.

Hackers started fraud with artificial intelligence voice technology

US Federal Trade Commission The report by the (FTC) revealed that the scammers were deceiving people with fake phone calls. Using voice imitation technology, scammers can copy the voices of a person’s family members.

According to FTC Chairman Lina Khan, the rapid advancement of AI tools has the potential to increase fraud. Especially with the development of artificial voice technology, it will become increasingly difficult for users to distinguish between real and fake communication.

You were the only one left: artificial intelligence is coming to Instagram!

You were the only one left: artificial intelligence is coming to Instagram!

Instagram’s new AI-powered chatbot has emerged. So what features will it have? Here are the details…

According to the research, hackers collect sounds from social media platforms and use artificial intelligence algorithms to generate the sentences they want. It then trains the AI ​​to accurately mimic these sounds.

Scammers seek money for emergencies by calling family members or friends of the people they are impersonating. For example, in 2020, when artificial intelligence was not that developed, 5100 phone frauds were made and 11 million dollars money was stolen.

Artificial intelligence

Many countries around the world, including Turkey, have laws to combat fraud scams. However, it is getting harder to detect frauds made with the help of artificial intelligence day by day.

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