Are Samsung phones water resistant? frightening statement

When buying a smartphone, its priority is usually processor, battery and display we give. These are the components that we will benefit from the most during the time we will use the phone. However, when we buy a phone that is not waterproof, we may one day be troubled by this shortcoming. The good news is that most smartphones on the market are water resistant or waterproof. However, Samsung may be misleading us in this regard.

As in our country, some Samsung phones sold in Australia with the claim of water resistance were caught on the radar of the Australian authorities. The authorities, who ruled that the company misled customers about water resistance, handed down an astonishing fine to Samsung.

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Samsung to pay $9.7 million fine

The reason for the penalty imposed on Samsung by the Australian Government is that the water resistance is misleading. However, there is a situation in which we can justify both parties in this penalty. Most phone manufacturers document the water resistance of the devices they produce with IP certification. For example, IP68 certification, 1.5 meters phone in deep water 30 minutes documents that it can withstand. However, since this experiment is performed in a laboratory environment, it may not be identified with daily use.

Is samsung water resistant?
Are Samsung phones water resistant?

After increasing complaints in Australia, authorities tested Samsung phones in areas such as pools and beaches and documented that the claimed durability was not achieved. This is the firm’s 9.7 million dollars resulted in a fine of. As a result, although the devices are technically IP68 certified, the results were not the same when it comes to daily use.

The penalty, detailed by the Australian Government on this page, is of a nature to worry users all over the world. If such insignificant penalties continue, smartphone manufacturers may want to conduct their experiments in environments such as the sea and pool as much as they do in the laboratory.

Is samsung water resistant?
Are Samsung phones water resistant?

What is the lesson we should draw from this punishment? whatever the brand not relying too much on our phone’s certificate. Although the devices seem durable, getting into the water with these phones is a bit of a gamble.

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