April Fools’ Day Notebook from Lenovo

Lenovo introduced a laptop as an April 1 joke. This laptop of the company, which will never be produced, can lead the future in an interesting way.

You know that big tech companies have been around for a while. with foldable screen designs started to come to the fore. We saw the first effects of this on phones. Now we see a similar one on laptop screens.

Lenovo’s laptop, which it introduced as a joke, Although it will never go into mass production Therefore, it can guide the future. This design may sound familiar to those who remember the YOGA Book 9i that Lenovo introduced earlier this year.

YOGA Book 18i, introduced as an April Fools’ joke:

Lenovo’s newly released YOGA Book 9i had a dual screen. For this reason, Lenovo’s request to increase the number of screens it’s not a secret. The company reflected this desire in a humorous way with this laptop called YOGA Book 18i.

such a laptop We don’t know if we will see it or not. However, we are sure that none of us will be surprised if we see a laptop with a screen on all sides among the technologies that we may encounter in the future.


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